Group Training

Bring a friend, or two or three!

Join us for a small group workout where you will be motivated and challenged to reach your goals.
We provide a fun and friendly atmosphere, regardless of your current level of fitness. Plus it’s more affordable for everyone!

Call or email us to set up your complimentary workout today!

Phone: 520-877-3488

Free Fitness Consultation

Stop by for a FREE Fitness Consultation!

We offer new clients a free consultation including Goal Setting, Nutrition Coaching, body fat testing, measurements and more.

We also offer new clients a FREE group workout session, so you can try before you buy!

Our trainers track your progress to make sure you hit your goals!

MyZone Physical Activity System

We use the MyZone System so you can watch your results in real-time and compare with your friends!

Watch your heart rate, training intensity, points earned and calories burned.

Instant feedback and immediate reward drives motivation and encourages positive fitness habits!

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