Company Overview

Psychosomatic Fitness is a personal training company specializing in Group Training, One-on-One Training, and Nutritional Advice.

We focus primarily on functional training (natural body movements) to help ALL clients of varying strengths and endurance levels reach their goals.

We customize the workout to you and we can modify the workout for anyone.

Each day there is a new “Workout of the Day” so your body never gets used to the workouts. This will “shock” your muscles and deliver amazing results!

Our 45-50 minute Small Group Training is the most popular service we provide due to the amazing results our clients see!

Our workouts follow the H.I.I.T principle which is High Intensity Interval Training. This builds lean muscle and burns body fat!!

It’s free to come try out!

After you have met the trainers, tried the workouts, outlined your goals and set a realistic time-frame to reach your goals – then we can find the perfect training program for you! So give us a call today and set up your complimentary fitness assessment so we can find which program works best for you!

Are you ready for a lifestyle change?

We can help you get on the right path towards achieving your fitness health and success!